Feeling Official

Wow it has been way too long since I posted! I apologize!

I finished up my first writing job this week and also got my business cards! Feeling official!


THIS WRITE HERE Official business card

I have been doing some research on this whole blogging game to figure out how I can best utilize it. Because I am using the website mainly for my freelance business I am wondering what would you like to see in this blog specifically? (Comment below!) I will be continuing to work on the layout and the different sections on the site so it will be changing until my brain is satisfied! I have gotten some great ideas from other bloggers. Keep an eye out for these changes!

One thought on “Feeling Official

  1. Well, I just love reading the way you write. Just stick with what you know. Updates on how your life is going, things you have observed during your week, future plans and how your business is evolving. That will keep me hooked!! You are awesome!!!

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