Happy Autumn and New Social Media

Hey there! How’s everyone enjoying their first couple of weeks of autumn? I have been falling in love with Colorado more and more everyday with the changing leaves – so many crazy colors! – and the chilly weather! I’m currently snuggled under a blanket in my fuzzy robe and I couldn’t be more excited I get to enjoy this the first week of October! So soon for me!

pumpkin and candle

Random Spooky Stock Photo for Autumn Feels

I recently made accounts for This Write Here on all major Social Media sites. I added the link widget on the side bar over there – take a look to your right! I now have an account for Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. I have no idea what to post on Instagram (LOL) but I will figure something out! For my Pinterest account I plan on using it to share writing tips that I have found useful or want to explore. Twitter will mostly be the same as my Facebook updates as I have linked the accounts, but thought I should still branch out even though I never use Twitter personally.

Kip has suggested I use this blog to write short stories and I am apprehensive because I’m … not sure why … so  … since I have no good reason not to, I guess I will!

Keep an eye out for new short stories added to the blog soon!


Thanks for reading!



2 thoughts on “Happy Autumn and New Social Media

  1. So glad you are enjoying Colorado. We have been having fall like weather in San Jacinto also. Nice and cool,but they say the heat is coming back. The good thing here is it cools down in the evening. In Okla it just got hotter in the evening. It is always good hearing you guys are doing okay. I am still on the hunt for a job. They aren’t making it easy with the school system. I had to go and take an Algebra exam today. I won’t even tell you how that made me feel. I guess I am talking to much. Love you guys!!!

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