Story Time

If you’re a writer that is or has ever struggled with writer’s block or not knowing what to write you have probably read and/or heard advice such as this: WRITE EVERYDAY NO MATTER WHAT!

Well, that stresses me out to the point that I don’t want to write and then feel bad for not writing. I make excuses not to write and it’s a cycle of not writing and sadness that I want to end! FOREVER! So I am done making excuses.

I’ve had this book called 642 Things to Write About, for years and years, and have never used it. It is literally 642 things to write about – prompts, one liners, etc. But they’re really not great or inspiring things. It was a gift from my mom that I had asked for and was super excited to get, but now I just feel like a jerk every time I look at it and don’t use it – sorry, Mom. When I pick it up and flip through the pages to find a great prompt I feel defeated and kind of mad that the San Francisco Writers’ Grotto didn’t make something to inspire me personally. Gosh. Rude. But I think they’re a great organization so the fact that they got money from me/my mom is totally okay because they encourage creative writing in kids and young adults which naturally I am all for. And I’m just a brat for not feeling inspired by it.


The book that may never be used, a majestic puppo bod, and a scruff butt.

So! What am I going to write about?! There’s this nifty little website called Pinterest. Have you heard of it? It has a plethora of resources for writers and I have decided to scour Pinterest and use prompts that I find interesting on there. I will post the prompts I am using on my Pinterest page of course and that way if you want to join in you can! I may even do the old fashion thing and just … write. It probably won’t be good but it will be writing.

You can find the stories in my archives categorized as Stories!

Happy Reading!

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