Writing Feminist Men: How Tumblr is Helping Me with My WIP

I’ve been working on a story for a few weeks now. It’s been a while since I have had the urge to write. And write a lot. It feels wonderful and I’m excited every day I get to do it. I’ve been averaging about 3000 words a day, which seemed impossible to me whenever I initially thought about it. Your goal is to write 3000 words today would halt my creativity in a second and I’d stumble the whole way. But I’m just blasting through 3000 words and I am amazed at how easy it has been coming. Why isn’t it always this easy to write?

I don’t want to give too much away about my current WIP (Work in Progress) but I am writing a sort of romance-y story. I never really thought of myself as a romance writer, but it has been coming so easily. And really, what I usually write, does involve some romantic relationship, so it’s not too far off.

But this story is a bit in the fanfiction realm. Which I didn’t realize I used to write a ton of as a kid. I wrote fanfiction before fanfiction was cool … alright, not a great brag.

I’d never read fanfiction and didn’t really consider what I was writing to be fanfiction until I stumbled on some Tumblr accounts during my research of characters.

I am basing my characters on real people, and real people with alter-egos (wrestlers), so I wanted to get the details I feel are important correct. Mostly eye color and body shape. So I spent some time Googling my inspirations and that’s when I was given the gift of Tumblr fanfiction.

This is apparently a thing that has been going on since the dawn of Tumblr, but I’m just so out of touch with cool things that I had no idea until just now!

Bit of background for those that don’t know me: Professional wrestling is kind of a big deal in this house. I’d show you the Funko Pop! collection of wrestlers in the living room, but I think I’ll save that for another day.

Of course, I have my favorite wrestlers and there are a few that occupy my mind more than others. A particular duo have become my muse, so to speak. I didn’t want to write them as they are IRL but wanted characters that resembled them and their personas/gimmick. So, finding this fanfiction, which is not just fluff but sometimes very “smutty” (as they call it), was a huge shock, and I had to see what it was all about.

I knew I was writing a romance story but I wanted to make sure I was not going over the top or being cheesy. I thought reading some of these stories would spark some inspiration as well as give me ideas of what has been done and what to steer clear of.

I’m not trying to write erotica and I want to have a story that aligns with my feminist values. A story about an alpha male type that overpowers a woman has been done … to death. And that really isn’t what I want for my characters. I was really excited when one of the series of stories I was reading made the FMC (Female Main Character) into a total feminist badass that wasn’t going to take shit from this macho egotistical wrestler.

But really I want to take this a step further. I want the men to be feminists. I want to write men that respect women, even though they are regularly in the spotlight and essentially could get whatever and whoever they want. Because that’s what I want for the world, and that’s what I want to read.

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