Three Book Blogs to Get You Reading

There are thousands of book blogs out there and they usually cater to a specific genre or style so it’s easy to find one that works for you based on your needs. Most book blogs tend to be review-based, so I set out to find a few blogs that went beyond reviewing books and genuinely discussed books and reading. Here are some of my faves:

Wonderfully Bookish

Honestly, just the name of the blog alone had me. Then you go to the homepage and it’s exactly what the name alludes to. It’s wonderful. It’s bookish.

I love the graphics and the layout. They make me want to stay and explore all there is to find at Wonderfully Bookish.

I love this blog because it goes beyond book reviews and discusses concepts in reading. The most recent post is a discussion post on content warnings. It’s thorough and well structured, making it a great read! I appreciate how much of her personality author Charlotte puts into it. It makes for relatable reading, and feels more like a conversation.

Lit Hub

Lit Hub covers pretty much everything about books and literature. I love their great articles on authors and the up to date news on everything book related! They are currently doing a series called 31 Books in 30 Days which showcases the nominees of the 2018 NBCC prize.

There is so much to discover at Lit Hub, it’s worth a browse just to find yourself glued to the site for hours.

Commonplace Book Blog

This blog isn’t just a book blog, it’s a writing blog, which of course I find particularly interesting. There are essays and reviews as well as writing tips and resources for writers. The perfect combination in my opinion.

I found the posts On How to Choose a Book, a topic I recently discussed in a post, the most relatable. Knowing you’re not alone on the journey to find the right book is comforting.

What book blogs do you enjoy? Do you prefer book review blogs to other book discussions? Comment below!

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