New Things!

There are a lot of new things happening! Besides quitting my job and moving to a new state, I got a new car and a new phone and I am now starting my business! Along with starting This Write Here I have decided to take on a side hustle. I started DoorDash a few days ago and so far I’ve really liked it. Having some extra income while I get my writing dreams going has made me a little less overwhelmed by this new venture. Only a little though. It’s scary to just start doing the thing you’ve been waiting to do. What was I waiting for?

I guess I was waiting for a sign or a magical savior to pop into my life and show me the way. Guess that magical savior was actually me. I just had to go for it. So here I am! Writing this blog as well as taking on my first gig – a proofreading project for the talented Beau North (check her out, she’s a great author!)

I feel so in my element right now and am so grateful for all of your support. (I made a video for Facebook to express my appreciation!)

I hope everyone is enjoying their Labor Day weekend! I’ll be working hard tomorrow making my dreams come true!

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